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Hi my name's Amy and I currently live in England, studying at college- Philosophy, Fine Art, History and English.
I LOVE reading books, mainly YA fiction but also some history and Philosophy books as well,  and I am always open to a suggestion for review.
My goal is to write honest reviews, however this reflects just my opinion, so make sure to read the books yourself to make your own decision.
I respect anybody that writes a book and gets published, but I also respect the idea of being honest.
Thank you for checking the blog out and make sure to comment!

In my spare time when I'm not reading, blogging or at college I go on archaeological digs and also do archery!

Please can any comments or requests be emailed to me in the future via the email address in my contacts.

(About the name if you were wondering...
People say I'm small so I used the pun of being Teenie/Teeny combined with Teen for the name ;D )


  1. Hello Amy, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To accept just visit my blog and see what you need to do.
    P.S I love the Harry Potter art... I am a HP geek...

  2. I have also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you want to participate here is the link.

  3. Hello,

    If you'd like to review my book please contact me at, I can send a PDF or paperback copy to your UK address. Have fun in Paris!

  4. Robyn Hill, GRUM! is my book. I have included the smashwords link. It is available free of charge on Smashwords.

    I would love a reveiw.
    Here is my facebook page too.!/pages/GRUM...

    Finally, I have included the Amazon Kindle page where it is available for 2.99.


  5. Hi Amy,

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award.

    Full rules are via a post on my blog:

    Happy reading and keep up will the great blogging.

    Sophie :) [Verdict]

  6. Wow, you are an archaeologists? That's interesting. Do you travel a lot? I did thought of becoming an archaeologists once but that was only so I get to travel. Hahah. Is it fun?

    1. I'm only at college, but maybe one day. I just go on digs around England at the moment. Its really good!
      Thanks for looking at my blog!

  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if you might be interested in reviewing a self-published paranormal YA novel. I was trying to find your email address but was unable to. If you have an open slot on your review schedule, I'd love to speak more with you about it. My email is


  8. Hi there! I would love for you to read and review my first YA novel. It's getting some lovely reviews and as a first time Indie author, I could use all the exposure I can get! :)

    My website with summaries, cover art, links, reviews, and contact info is:

    Melyssa Williams.


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