Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scorched Skies (Fire Spirits #2) by Samantha Young

Pages: 350
Publisher: Kindle Edition self published.
Released: March 2011

Plot: Ari's life has changed dramatically over the past few weeks. With Charlie now a Sorcerer and the White King still on her case alongside some new threats, Ari struggles to cope when the biggest change happens of all. Filled with death, action and drama, can Ari become the hunter and stop the threats from harming her any more?
And will Jai change his mind?

Good Points: I definitely liked this book better than the first which I thought was a little slow. The relationship Ari has with each character seems to grow stronger in this book (like they should) and we get to see the struggle as Ari copes with the hardships of losing everything she's ever known.
I think the pacing of this book was much better than the first and as a reader you always knew what direction  the book was heading in like the task in hand and finding the new threats identities. It was also nice to get to meet some new characters and for Ari to finally get a female friend that she can talk to who is seems to have this hard exterior but is actually really sweet.
Jai also starts to realise his feelings for Ari with a big push from Trent who I can't wait to hopefully read about again in the future books in the series. This having played out through both books it was nice for something happy to happen.

Bad Points: At times I thought the relationship between Ari and Jai could get a tad annoying but with everything you find out about Jai's past you sort of get a deeper understanding of Jai's character. Also Ari's behaviour at times was a little frustrating, she was like a yo-yo being jealous to not caring and so on...

To Sum Up... This book is definitely a huge improvement from the last. I thought that the plot improved and we finally started to get somewhere in the book. The new characters added that something that was missing in the first and Jai and Ari finally get together... eventually.
So I think from this I will read the next books in the series just to see what happens between Ari and Jace and to look out for the other new characters. Also I am pretty sure I know who Miss Maggie is...

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