Thursday, 11 October 2012

Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

Pages: 258
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Seeking Crystal (Benedict, #3)Released: October 2012

Plot: Crystal Brook has always been the dud savant of the family but when her sister finds her soul finder on a trip to Denver she meets the other Benedict boys. Unimpressed by their charm and irritated by Xavier Benedict, Crystal and the others head back to her home in Venice to prepare for the wedding. But what they don't know is things won't go as smoothly as they planned...

Good Points: First of all I have to say that I really do love this series. I just love how every book follows a different brother and is its very own mini love story and each time you think you prefer the previous brother but as you read on get hooked on to the next. I know...I used the word love a lot in that little paragraph.
Well anyway, getting down to the review I think Joss has done it again!
Crystal, the main protagonist to the story has to live in the coolest place ever! The setting to the story, in Venice, is beautifully described and you get to feel what it is like to live there. The author spares no detail in describing everything from the type of air the place has to the cost of a Gondola ride, which by the way is, how much!!???!!
Like the previous book you get to see the relationships of the other Benedict brothers who have found their soul-finders within the plot and again I think Stirling has managed to strike a nice balance between rekindling the previous characters without drawing the attention away from the main two. But then again, can anyone really draw attention away from Xav?
The  addition of a film crew being involved within the story just added to the drama (and action) allowing us, as the reader to find out not only more about the characters but the Savant world as we discover elements to their lives that they have to keep secret and away from public attention.
Basically I loved this book.

Bad Points: Again length, make these book longer Joss!!!! We need more Savant material!

To Sum Up... So glad that this book lived up to my expectations and am literally shaking with excitement for the next book. With the ending hinting at clues as to who the remaining brothers soul-finders which was awesome, the only questions that needs to be asked is which brother, and when?


  1. I cannot contain myself for the next book. Joss is currently sorting the deal with the publisher for the next book (so she said on twitter) so we are gonna have to sit tight and wait a bit (NOOOooooo)

    I really loved this book (even with it's cheesy moments) and I'm glad you did too :)

    Fiona @

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