Monday, 21 May 2012

The Betrayal (The Descendants #1) by Mayandree Michel

Pages: 603
Betrayal (The Descendants #1)Publisher: Indie published by author
Released: March 2011

Plot: Cordelia, is an ordinary teen, or so she thinks, until one day she dies and is brought back to life and taken into the past by her best friend and strangers who say that she is a descendant from the Greek Gods and one of the most powerful of her kind awaiting to become their Empress.The only problem is Cordelia's memory of her previous life has not returned. Can she get it back before defying the Gods?

Good Points: Okay, I thought the idea of the story was quite good, the author had obviously thought about how she was going to explain the whole Greek gods and vampires and such which I liked. Some characters stood out more to me than others did and I couldn't grumble at the price of the book because it was free! There's a lot of description in this book and a lot of information to take in which was sometimes good, however I did struggle to even finish it.

Bad Points: I understand that the author has published this herself and I think the idea of the book is great however it really needs to be re-jiggled around a bit.
 I found myself actually screaming 'Why?' at the book at some points and not for the good reason. The book would drag out a lot of the time by using too much detail, I think there was even a point in the book where someone asked a question and instead of giving a little description and then the answer, we were left hanging for two pages of description!
 Also Cordelia's character seriously annoyed me and I couldn't understand how any of them would honestly put up with her she's constantly escaping from the house despite them already mentioning that these 'God-like creatures have great senses of people being present' who never notice her disappearing. You'd think they would keep a closer eye on her if their own lives depended on it...

To Sum Up... I really do think that with some extensive cutting to description in this book they're may be a gem of a book hidden underneath. Until then though I wasn't that keen. Nice cover though...


  1. Aww too bad. I was really intrigued with this one.

    Great review! =D

  2. Yep nice cover. Too bad the story sounds kinda sucks.
    I thought the plot was actually quite good.
    BTW I love your drawings of Dobbie! I am a big fan of Harry Potter too but sadly, I have no talent at all at drawing. Quite envy to those who can.

    New follower!
    Visit my blog sometime!
    Books With Marshmallows

    1. Thanks yeah I have a deviantart account.
      Great blog by the way, you have a new follower :)


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