Monday, 14 May 2012

Review of The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter.

Pages: 304
The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)Publisher: Harlequin Publishers
Released: April 2011

Plot Summary: Kate's mum is dying and her mothers last wish is to return to her childhood home to die.  Kate has always had it rough and now she has to cope not only with her mothers deteriorating illness but starting out in a new school and a new town pretty much by herself. Then she meets Henry who swears he is the Greek God Hades and can save his mother in return for him spending nearly half the year with her, alongside the task of completing 7 challenges. Will Kate be able to succeed where countless others have failed?

Good Points: With the tag line 'Every girl who has taken the test has died, now its Kate's turn' and the fact that the book contains Greek Mythology I was immediately drawn to read the first book in the Goddess series. Also the fact that I bought it for 99p on Amazon was a bonus. Okay, I liked how the book was planned and some of the characters that were introduced,especially James. I also thought that Kate's character was strong and you could definitely see a range of emotions that helped develop her character.
The book is basically just a light hearted read that you can easily get through and the plot builds well into a good story that if you like the 'Paranormal Romance' genre that you should at least try.

Bad Points: The Greek mythology was hugely modified, I hated the name Henry and I thought the way Carter had portrayed Henry (supposedly Hades) was just a little bit wimpy. The book contains no action and is mainly just the building of the relationship between Henry and Kate which is slow.

To Sum Up... Eventually I will read the next book however it'll just be to see if the mythology plays out a little better. I understand that yes, the author wanted to revise a new look to Greek mythology however it just wasn't for me.

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