Sunday, 20 May 2012

Review of Strange Angels by Lilli St Crow

Pages: 293
Strange Angels (Strange Angels, #1)Publisher: Quercus
Released: September 2009

Plot: Dru Anderson has 'the touch'something that helps her and her Dad hunt down the 'suckers, zombies ghosts and wulfen' that roam Earth in secret. However one day when she arrives home and finds her Dad  has turned into one of the walking dead, Dru knows she's on her own and whatever killed her Dad is coming after her next.
Can Dru stay alive long enough to work out who did this to her Dad and which guy she should choose who are both fighting for her affections.

Good Points: OK, now I know this book has a love triangle in it and they are way over used in YA fiction, but to be honest I didn't really care. This book was cool. It had every type of paranormal creature that you want in a book and the strong, funny characters to fight them. Dru and Graves would be the best pairing and I loved the battle scene in the Shopping Mall! Also there is weapon talk *cool* and it's from a girl, who usually don't get to do that in books, they're usually the helpless damsels in distress pining for their prince charming which Dru definitely wasn't. I thought the book was fast-paced and a great read.

Bad Points: Little things would annoy me like the constant bringing up of 'the danger' Dru was in that kept being brought up. We get it, let's just get down to it and kill the bad guys already! Other than that it was great :D

To Sum Up... Great fast- paced, action filled first book in a series that I will definitely follow and so should you!

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