Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Pages: 448
Publisher: Walker Books LTD
Released: July 2007

Plot summary:The first book in Clare's series is named City of Bones and sports one of the main characters Jace on its cover wearing nothing but the 'runes' that each carry different magical attributes.
The book starts off immediately in a nightclub in New York City named 'pandemonium', a fitting name as within a couple of pages of the book all hell breaks lose when Clary, the green-eyed, flame haired girl see's a murder take place that nobody else can see.
Clary is then flung into the world of shadowhunters, half angel, half human beings that protect the world from demons or die trying.
Like most teen books Clary finds out not only can she see past these shadowhunters 'glimmers' but she is in fact one herself and more...

Good points: As the story progresses we see a relationship grow between Clary and Jace as they uncover more truths from her past and see the development of Jace's what you could call adoptive family, the Lightwoods and the Institute in which they all live in.
I have to say I think one of my favourite characters within this book is Magnus Bane, the high Warlock of Brooklin whom they call on for help when things get tricky. Magnus is an eccentric character with black spiked glittery hair and cats eyes, who we first meet at one of his extravagant parties which has been thrown for his cat-Chairman Meow.
The book is written in third person and in my opinion gripping from start to finish, with the introduction of  'bad guy' Valentine, and a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more.

Bad points:don't think I could fault it, I really did love this book!!

To sum up... This book is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! I've been a fan of Cassandra Clare's writing for a while now and i thought it was about time i wrote a review. There will be 6 books in the Mortal instruments series and the prequel spin off series 'The infernal Devices' consists of 3 books which are equally as thrilling! 
Cassandra Clare has also released information that she will be creating another trilogy about the World of the shadowhunters called 'The Dark Artifices'. Cannot wait :D 

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