Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review of Finding Sky (Benedict #1) by Joss Sterling

Finding Sky (Benedict, #1)
Finding Sky by Joss Sterling

Pages: 320
Publisher: OUP (Oxford)
Released: October 2010

Plot Summary: English teen Sky is immediately drawn to Zed one of seven brothers in Wickenridge, the all-American town herself and her adoptive parents have just moved to . Sky soon finds out that she is in fact a Savant (like superheroes without the tights) and Zed, another Savant is her soul-finder, destined to be together.
Sky struggles with her past and the nightmares of where she came from. Can Zed and his family help Sky uncover the truth help her discover and control her powers in time before the past catches up with her and the nightmares become her future?

Good points: I really liked that Sky was English, being English myself and I thought the author made light of the humorous differences. I also strangely liked the name Zed. The characters were fun and Zed's family were slowly introduced with unique personalities which I look forwards to reading about in their own Benedict brothers novel. The plot was really addictive to and i found myself finishing it in a couple of hours! 

Bad points: I thought it wasn't long enough. I really hate good books that aren't long enough. I would have liked to spend more time with the characters and not have jumped long periods of time.

To sum up... I think the book was great and defiantly good for a quick read. Excited for the next books but I hope they get a little longer in length! 

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