Monday, 30 April 2012

Review of Stealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling.

Pages: 272
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Released: September 2011

Plot Summary: Phoenix or Phee as she is known for short lives in a bad place. She steals for the Seer, the big boss of her community in London and isn't afraid to admit she gets a thrill from it. However life at 'home' if you can call it that is harsh and fearful and when Phee gets a job to seek out and steal from 'Yves Benedict' she isn't prepared to find out that he is her soul-finder, a thing only believed in her community to be a legend.
Yves wants nothing more for Phee to come back with him to America however Phee is trapped in the community under the influence of the Seer. Can Yves save Phoenix from this life?And can Phoenix save Yves from a life without his soul-finder?
Read to Find Out!!!

Good Points: Well, after reading Finding Sky (which I totally fell in love with) I knew I was in for a treat when Stealing Phoenix finally arrived in the post!!!
The main character - Phoenix- is strong, determined and smart (stealing Yves wise words)and I loved how although there was the similarity between Sky and Phoenix both having bad backgrounds, you are under no elusion that they compare. Phoenix/Phee's view on the world is cautious, she doesn't trust easily and you can immediately see why.  I loved how the relationship between her and Yves developed as not only does she have to comprehend that soul-finders are true but she also has to try to trust this person, something Phee isn't good at.
I also liked how we got to see a more detailed side of Yves and now can't wait to see what's in store for all of the other Benedict Brothers. Yves's character is not what I expected, you see a determined side to his character that Phoenix brings out of him and it was great to catch up with Zed and Sky ( The main duo in the 1st book Finding Sky). I thought the author did well in avoiding not bringing the focus back to Zed and Sky and instead keeping Phee and Yves the main build to the story, in my opinion Stirling struck a good balance with this which I admired.

Bad Points: I really did enjoy this book, I found myself rushing home after college to read on and I think that's what a good book entails, so I don't think I can criticise it. But if I had to push something it would be length- because I wanted the book to never end!

To Sum Up... If you haven't read anything from this author yet, please do so! I already can't wait for the next book in the series and if its anything like Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix then neither should you! :D


  1. I loved Sealing Phoenix and I agree that it wasnt long enough. Look forward to Seeking Crystal, I just finished the proof copy, it was brilliant :)

    1. So jealous! Cant wait for the next book I hope it is as good as all the hype it is getting !

  2. I agree with you on every point! I can't wait to read the next book either! You're so lucky!

    Great review! :)


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