Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review of Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini

Pages: 503
Currently Reading...Publisher: Macmillan
Released: July 2012 (UK)

Plot: Dreamless is the sequel to Starcrossed and starts off with Helen still trying with all her might to stay away from Lucas after discovering they are cousins. On top of that Helen is also trying to cope with the terrors of being transported into the Underworld on her quest to save the Scions from their blood debts and suffering on her own. That is until one night she is helped by a stranger named Orion who begins to help Helen.
However the Furies want blood and they won't stop at anything till their debt is paid.

Good Points: I really liked elements to this book, especially the mythology which I think definitely takes a step up in this book compared to Starcrossed, including more tales and twists from classic Greek mythology. However not quite sure yet whether this book was as good as it's first as a whole though....
The relationship Helen forms with Orion is built well and contains elements of humour and fun that I don't think I've seen with Lucas. Yes I know another love triangle! A little annoyed about this but hey it is re-imagining an ancient Greek tale and we all know there was a hell of a lot of scandalous cheating and drama going on in them so you can't really complain at this.
I think I even prefer Orion to Lucas now...
I thought the description within the book was done well and it really helped build a detailed picture of what the Underworld is like and some of the hardships that Helen ha to go through down there.

Bad Points: For starters the little things in this book are already really annoying me, cheesy lines such as 'Lucas had always been good at solving problems, especially the unsolvable kind...' Also the age difference thing have they not realised this yet and I know other people have noticed this as well.

Quick note on covers: I prefer the UK covers to the US and International covers, I just think the UK one is so much more 'alive' if you like and reflects more on the Helen and Lucas.

To Sum Up: I found this book a little hard to get into at first but then I really started to enjoy it. I thought the relationship between Orion and Helen was built up well and at times added a little humour to the book. On the other hand parts of the book I felt were just a little too slow and I would have liked a couple of scenes exploring the relationships of Clare and Jason and Matt and Ariadne to try and liven things up a little and allow us to get a feel of the other equally important characters in the book.
Overall though looking forward to the next book and I am already expecting some big kick ass fight scenes, so hopefully I wont be disappointed !! :D


  1. I didn't realize this book was so big. Over 500 pages?? O_O

    I've heard Dreamless is a little slow at points, but it's nice to know that there is some humor in it. (Most of the books I've read recently are just really bland.)

    Of course, I actually need to FINISH Starcrossed first. I bought it on my Kindle forever ago and I don't know why I've been putting it off! So I will make note to read Starcrossed! :D

  2. I love Starcrossed! I really need to hurry up and read this one. I've got to agree that the Uk covers are more alive than the US covers.

    Great review! =D

  3. Not too keen on this series yet.... side note: Not a fan of the cover. Too red.

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  6. The quote made me LOL! Yes, generally problems tend to be hard to solve. --_--
    Thorough and detailed review. I enjoyed reading it! :D


  7. I loved loved loved this book!! Cannot wait for the next one! This book has everything: romance, danger, a twisting plot, history, and charters you fall in love with I instantly.


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