Monday, 30 July 2012

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Pages: 392
Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Released: August 2009

Plot: Grace has always liked watching the wolves at the back of her house, one wolf, her wolf always seems to catch her eye. Grace can recognise those golden eyes anywhere.
Sam lives a human life and another as a wolf. In wolf form he watches silently the one girl he truly loves, never speaking to her in his human form. Until now.

Good Points: I. loved. this. book. The books chapters alternate between Sam and Grace's perspective which help to give a strong insight to what both of the pair are feeling and for some reason these emotions are heightened to a level that make you believe the story is real. If you're a book lover like me then you definitely relate to Grace quickly if not you always have Sam who is always singing and so on... which adds to the characters depth.
Also everything doesn't happen all at once, you get chapters where the two are just getting to know each other and are really mellow then scenes where there is suspense and danger.
The whole idea of the wolves changing by season and not moon cycle I thought was well thought out and played nicely with each chapter that gave you the temperature outside which also created a tension knowing that as the chapters go on the weather will go colder and Grace and Sam will be separated by him turning into a wolf.

Bad Points: Not many bad points really. There were some things that annoyed me but they were only minor and yes it is a little creepy that she likes the wolf before she knows he's human but then again maybe she just had an inkling. Unlikely I know, but then again it is only fiction...

To Sum Up... I don't know why but this book has always been my Christmas book. Maybe I should have written this review during Christmas but I just thought that I've left it way to long enough already not to write a review.
Please, Please, Please read this book. Ignore what you may hear about it being twilight-y because that just seems to be the answer to any book lately if it contains paranormal and romantic influences. It's not. Its brilliant and yes I maybe going over the top over this now but so what. Read the damn book!


  1. I love this book as well. And i also love the different POVs that we get to see from.

    Great review! :)

  2. I did like Shiver. The second book was so-so and because of that I haven't read the third one :-(

  3. I love this book so much, it totally got me into reading YA fiction back when it first came out in 2009.
    Also I agree about people saying it's Twilight-y, its really not. I hate when people compare good books to Twilight when they are nothing alike. *could go on all day about it but will stop now*

    Great review, I feel the same about it

    Fiona @

  4. good review i like how you did it, i wanna give this book a read ! now following you

  5. I like it too, but the rest of the books from this series were boring for me.


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