Saturday, 21 July 2012

Midnight City by J.Barton Mitchell

Pages: 384
Publisher: St Martins Griffin
Midnight City (The Conquered Earth, #1)Released: October 30th 2012
Plot: When Holt a bounty Hunter in a post-apocalyptic world controlled by alien invaders captures Mira, an outcast with a high price above her head, they both embark on a dangerous journey back to Midnight City. Along with his dog Max and Zoey, a little girl they find in an alien ship the four venture out finding trouble against alien armies, mutants, pirates and various alien artefacts alongside Mira and Holt's growing attraction to each other.
The first novel in the Conquered Earth series.

Good Points: For starters I love the cover I think it is simply amazing and really sets the mood for the book. The novel starts off really well in my opinion and you really get to understand the characters quickly. When Holt and Mira meet you can immediately see where this relationship is undoubtedly going to end up but with the addition of Zoey and 'the Max' as she refers to him quite sweetly this group of characters are both interesting and fun to read about.
I thought the plot to the story was okay, the whole idea of the young people being the one's who run the town was cool and the different situations the four find themselves into certainly makes the story more interesting.
I loved the whole idea of the artefacts as well, I thought that the idea was unusual yet inventive and I liked how the book showcased a range of themes exploring human behaviour.

Bad Points: Although at times I did enjoy all of the description in the book I did think as a whole it was just too long. I read this book on my Kindle and although when I checked on GoodReads that it was only 384 pages long it just seemed to go on and on. Sometimes this can be a good thing in a book, however there were moments that for some reason pulled me out of this story. I think this was somewhat due to a lot of things happening in the book. So much so that not everything was fully digested, for example I would have liked to stay aboard Captain Dresden's ship for a little longer to get a grip on other people's lives and his character. However saying that I am pretty sure this character will make an appearance in the next book so...

To Sum Up... Midnight City was an enjoyable read. With the alien invaders and the post-apocalyptic premise to the book at first all I could think about was that TV show Falling Skies. The ending to the book leaves it open for a sequel which I will be looking forward to and  there was plenty of action and mystery to keep you reading on. The characters were well developed and with flashbacks into Holt's life you really get a  clear picture about what makes this character tick which I liked.
Further more I thought J.Barton Mitchell created a descriptive and exciting plot that explored how people (more specifically the young generation) would react in this tricky situation.


  1. Good review! Now Following!

    -Alice Belikova

  2. Sometimes when I read books on my kindle that drag on, I get frustrated. I like to see the page number to see the progress I'm making, haha. However, if it's a fast paced book, I love to read it on my Kindle.

  3. Hi, I found you on GR, I am a Lift your blog member. I am your new buddy, here is mine,

  4. I just finished this book- still writing the review. I enjoyed it- thought it was a good book for boys.

  5. I've never heard of this book. I guess I'll have to check it out because it sounds awesome!


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