Friday, 28 September 2012

Fallen (Book 1) by Lauren Kate

Fallen (Fallen, #1)Pages: 452
Publisher: Corgi Childrens
Released: July 2010

Plot: When Luce is sent by her parents to Sword &Cross reform boarding school she finds herself lost and alone. When she see's Daniel Grigori across from the school on her first day, she just can't quite pin down what it is about him that's drawing her in like a moth to a flame. With the feeling that he is all to familiar to her, Luce embarks on seeking the truth, even if it means her death...

Good Points: The cover to this book is just gorgeous and I remember the first time I saw it immediately thinking I need to read this book. At the time, Fallen was one of the first 'angel' books that I had ever read and I really loved it. The setting of the book at Sword & Cross boarding school is very Gothic and the characters fit well into the story, the author successfully  building each character's personality up and quickly creating individuals that  fit well into the books tangled plot of twists and turns that leave you hanging for more.

Bad Points: I've got to admit the book is pretty slow in its pacing. Everything about it seems to be dragged out until the ending where everything seems to come together rather quickly. Also looking back, like most (but not all!!!) YA fiction the plot follows the basic story line of lonely girl + new school + hot teenage boy who's broody beyond belief = match made in heaven, it's lets just say a little...predictable. Oh and did I mention the Love Triangle??

To Sum Up... The book is good and you definitely get hooked into Luce's story wanting to find out all the secrets that are being kept hidden. The books main genre is romance, with the majority of the plot falling to Luce's relationships with Daniel and Cam and their hidden histories. Although this is great if you enjoy that in a book, it does get a little same-y throughout the series and it seems like nothing exciting ever happens.
Worth a read if you fancy something romacy though, but beware this book does come with a little side tag of  depressing with the dark gloomy setting. So kind of a contradicting sentence but hey....


  1. I just read this a while ago, it was the second time I read it and I was a little disappointed as it wasn´t as good as I remembered. But then I read Torment just few days ago and really got excited again! Funny how it goes, contradicting like you say :)

  2. I fell for the cover! But I heard the majority of people say that they were disappointed. I'm really tired of reading ya books with girl + new school + cool bad boy dude so I think I'm gonna pass on this one.. (but I bought the book already :( )
    Great review !

    Leigh | Little Book Star


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