Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #2

Top ten Tuesdays is a weekly meme by Broke and the Bookish

Ten books that make you think about the world, life, people etc...

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
This whole series was just breathtaking and I still can't help thinking every time I read this series, what if? There is a chance this may happen and it just makes me not only question humanities future actions but their actions now, and how what we do now will effect those later to come. Deep.

2. The Declaration by Gemma Malley.
I love this book. Again it's another Dystopian plot this time concentrating on humanity being selfish. In the future there is the Longevity drug which prevents old age and preserves life. It's immortality (or kind of) in a bottle. With the world's population ever growing, the choice is made. If you choose to take the Longevity drug you choose not to have children. However Anna is a 'surplus' kid, unwanted by society but not by the boy who's come to rescue her.
This book explores themes of population increase, vanity and the lengths to which science is used. Very philosophical :)

3. Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate
I reviewed this book a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! It revolves around the idea of a girl who's billion dollar mother who works in scientific discovery and medicine, gives her the task of creating the perfect boy. This book definitely made me question the limits to which we should use science and what is morally right and ethical. Loved it.

4. 1984 by George Orwell
This was one of the first books I read that ever made me go hmm after reading it. The whole story is very believable and compared to society today and especially in the UK where I live, CCTV camera's are everywhere. Its all very spooky.

5. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling.
Now I know this series doesn't show loads of obvious philosophical topics, but underneath the magic and spells these books have some serious heart. Not only are these books my childhood basically but they also taught me inspiring quotes about life and death most said by the wise old Dumbledore (which btw when I just typed this tried to correct me... how the heck doesn't the Dictionary know who Dumbledore is. It should). Also it makes me wish goblins, witches, wizards and all things magical and mythological were real, it would make life so much more interesting.

            6. Pushing The Limits.
Pushing the LimitsI really loved this book as it spared no detail into each characters lives, I especially liked how the author wrote Noah's past story of his home life and time in foster homes differently to the average Tracy Beaker style and instead showed some real trouble and hurt. This book just makes me think about different situations people are found in yet how they can find something good in the end.

7. Divergent by Veronica Roth
DivergentI loved this book, the second one not so much. Dystopian fiction is definitely one of my fave genres at the moment and this book certainly makes me think about the future and what might just happen...

8. The Selection by Kiera Cass
Now this book is one of my favourites. Its fairly new but it's one of those books that I have read over and over. Bringing it back to the ten books that make me think of people, the world etc. and this book ticks everyone. You see the clashing of the different groups of people for example the one,two's and three's which are like the elites and then the lower numbers which are the poor and starving. Because of the competition it helps bring these different sectors together and you begin to see the clear contrasts between them. It definitely made me question people's selfishness and greed and how what we do now effects those in the future which we need to remember rather than ignore.
Nearly there...

9. My Sisters Keeper by Jodie Picoult.
Now if you've watched the film and thought that was sad, wait a-hold until you read My Sisters Keeper (if you've already read it, you know what I'm talking about. sniffle. sniffle). This book is so good, it really makes you feel for each of the characters and makes you question people's true intentions. I love this book just for the fact that it makes me so confused as to who is making the right choices and who isn't. Great read.

Stolen: A Letter to My Captor
10. Stolen: A Letter to my Captor.

This book still makes me go wow. The book is about 16 year old Gemma who writes to the man who stole her. This book had me hooked from page one, you quickly get sucked into this terrifying world that Gemma herself is taken into. You find yourself screaming at the moments when she starts to fall in love with him but at the same time you sympathise for his loneliness. All of these conflicting emotions are thrown around and you soon feel as if you are Gemma and have Stockholm Syndrome to your captor. Great Read!

Thanks for checking out my list! Leave a comment and I'll check out yours! :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by our TTT.

    This is a great list. I just finished Pushing the Limits last week and loved it. Hunger Games is on a ton of list today. Im also happy you listed Divergent!!!

  2. Awww, I loved Pushing the limits so so much!! It made me think a lot about psychology and the psyche and I really liked that :) Divergent was absolutely awesome! :) :) And The hunger games, hell yes!! :) ;) Great list Amy! ;) ;)

  3. Great list. I see The Hunger Games everywhere today and rightly so. Thanks for stopping by my TTT :)

  4. I have the Hunger Games and The Hp series on my list too. I own the declaration, after seeing this it is deffo on my tbr soon list !
    Check out My TTT here;

  5. I didn't put The Hunger Games on my list but, I keep seeing it everywhere which makes me happy. It is definitely one of those series that you can't put down and you also can't stop thinking about!

    ~Allison @ Good Books and Good Wine

  6. Great list! Pushing the Limits was on mine, and Hunger Games and My Sister's Keeper were both really close to making it. Mine is at YA Yeah Yeah if you'd like to take a look.

  7. The Selection, My Sister's Keeper and Divergent are really good choices! As is Harry Potter! I'll definitely have to check out Eve And Adam- it seems right up my alley. Great list!


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