Monday, 4 June 2012

'The Big 3' Authors (In my opinion)

I though today I would concentrate on books that I don't think I could live without but there were so many that I decided I should try (and trust me it was really difficult) to refine my list to 3 authors or 'The Big 3' as I shall now forever call them, who in my opinion are the authors that have wow'd me the most and managed to do this consecutively throughout their series's.

                      So without further ado I give you The Big Three!!                               
1. Cassandra Clare
Okay, first up is Cassandra Clare, I got on the Clare fan train quite a while back when her first book in The Mortal instruments series came out and I was like OMGosh, these books in my opinion are just amazing, they have a great and least I say original plot that contain characters that just blow your mind, they're funny, filled with action and contain moments that will leave you so shocked you feel you've been electrocuted, am I exaggerating a little? When I heard Clare's first series would not only be extended into 3 further books but also a prequel series set in Victorian England, man was I excited. In my opinion Clare's writing even more so in the prequel series creates a world that bursts with life and characters that you genuinely grow to love.
I have also had the opportunity to meet Cassandra Clare in person at one of her book signings and its nice to see that she is as great as the characters she writes!!
So I plead with you, beg you even to go and read these books if you haven't already.

2. J.K Rowling

Second on the list and quite an obvious choice is J.K.Rowling! One of the best authors of all time in my mind, who managed to keep people entertained throughout 7 brilliant books and at the same time contain one of the best kept secrets in book history to herself for so long. Harry Potter has reached millions of people all over the world either by  the books or the films or heck even the millions of fan based products created every year! I am more than proud to add J.K Rowling as the only British author to 'The Big Three' and I don't think that I will ever forget these books that made up my childhood.
And of course, you've gotta love her for bringing Dobby into this world :D

3. Suzanne Collins
The final member of 'The Big Three' is Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games. Again, I was early to jump on the fan wagon for this one too and am I proud of it, hell yeah! I remember when I first read The Hunger Games, I don't think I shut up about it for days, I wanted everyone I knew to read it, I was just so blown away by the character of Katniss Everdeen that I thought everybody needed to know who she was too. Have my opinions changed? The answer is simple no, sure more people know about Katniss now and the gruesome Hunger Games that left me hanging off every word Collins wrote but I have not stopped persuading people to read these books. Collins was also the main author in my opinion who got me obsessed with Dystopian fiction and quite frankly I'm glad she did, since then I have found bundles of brilliant books that I would never have thought to read before, so thank you.

These authors have all aided me in my love of books and are series's that I think I will continue to read alongside books that I haven't discovered yet and which have yet to be written when I'm an old lady.
Okay, yes, maybe my choice in The Big Three some might call predictable however I honestly do believe these authors are the greats of this generation and shouldn't they get credit for this even if it is only my opinion?

                          Facts about these authors...
-All 3 Authors are international best sellers who have all been on the New York Times Best sellers list.

-Suzanne Collins has apparently written 29 of the 100 most highlighted passages on kindle e-books.

-All of the authors books have or in the making of being adapted into films.

-The Harry Potter series is estimated in value at around £7 billion.

-Cassandra Clare also wrote fan-fiction for Harry Potter (The Draco Trilogy) and for Lord of the Rings (The Very Secret Diaries)

- The Harry Potter series consists of 4,195 glorious pages!!

For any further facts about the authors and their series's  that you think everyone must know please comment!!

P.s. I don't own any of the photographs (except the Dobby drawing because I did that), so rights to them.


  1. Great pick! i would have choosen these three fine ladies as well. And are those facts really real. 'Cause damn they are big numbers!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. The Dobbie drawing is awesome, I re-watched the Chamber of Secrets yesterday. I don't agree with the other 1 and 3 for the simple reason: They are writing to suit the reader's likes (paranormal/supernatural romance and dystopia YA) Harry Potter is original, the others, I think, are not as original. I agree they have made a lot of money and are very successful authors but not the best. They are simply commercial writers. J.K Rowling wrote the first Harry book with no expectations to publish or become famous. She just wrote what she wanted which was a wonderful, magical, original adventure. That's just my opinion and I respect yours. The facts are interesting, though. I didn't realise Cassandra Clare wrote fan fiction on Harry and The Lord of the Rings!

  3. So true! I can't decide who is my favorite!

  4. I'd definitely agree about J.K Rowling (who I'd put first) and Suzanne Collins. I think I would have to put a tie between Stephanie Meyer and Cassandra Clare. I think that Stephanie Meyer has gone further than Cassie. They're both great, though!


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