Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review of The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Pages: 260
Publisher: Self- published by Abbi Glines
The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1)Released: October 2011

Plot: Ashton Gray is the good girl, the daughter of the towns preacher and the girlfriend of the sweet Sawyer on of the two Vincent boys that she was best friends with for most of her childhood however when Sawyer goes away camping with his family Ash starts to spend time with the now bad boy of the town Beau Vincent, Sawyers cousin. Beau has always liked Ash and now he has the chance to steal her away but will his love for his cousin outweigh his love for the girl he's always wanted?

Good Points: I liked the cover which was one of the reasons I thought to read the book, it's very summer-y and I liked the idea of getting to see the different characters perspectives which was quite refreshing. At first I really liked the book however as it developed my opinions changed. I wanted to love the book but I just couldn't and found it difficult to even finish because of parts that kept getting me really annoyed.

Bad Points: Oh my word, is that girl annoying or what. After her granna dies she basically uses this as an excuse to sleep with her boyfriends cousin whom okay yes she's known for ages but apparently has only just now realised she likes because she, and I quote was 'bored because Sawyer (her supposedly long term boyfriend) is away'. Nice.
Also I hated the way that Beau was portrayed, the author made it out as if there was a deep love between the pair when it was just sexual chemistry and I think at nearly every opportunity Beau just analysed Ash on what she was wearing or how short her skirt was. And the whole plot was just no, the idea of the poor preachers daughter having to hide her 'bad' side and be good but then falling for the bad boy of the town was just predictable and I hated how Ash's character swanned around the place as if she was better than that Nicole girl when to be honest Ash is more of a, excuse my language, hoe than she is.

To Sum Up... Like always I recommend you to read the book yourself but honestly I wouldn't place this at the top of your list unless you like this sort of thing. Also be warned there is a couple of typo errors within it and I got quite annoyed at the whole possessiveness thing the book has going on.


  1. I really like the cover as well, sucks you didn't like the book though

  2. The cover did attract me but it does seem like kind of a fluff book. Not my thing. Great review =)

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