Friday, 15 June 2012

Review of Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers, #1)Pages: 352
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Released: June 2012

Plot: When Samantha get's kissed by the guy who's she's always crushed on she had no idea that she would loose her soul, meet a group of angels and demons and uncover secrets about her past that will change her life forever. Can Bishop, the mysterious angel help get Samantha's soul back or will she choose the darkness that has started to consume her...

Good Points: I quite liked the whole idea of how you lose your soul, I've never heard of that before and I thought it was quite original, especially with the whole Demons and Angels working together thing. Samantha's character was okay, I liked the somewhat strong voice she holds within the book and her good side into helping the homeless and doing her bit but I have to say one of my favourite characters from the book was Kraven, I loved his sarcastic behaviour and at times I thought it brought humour that the book needed.
The love interest Bishop was in my opinion the 'typical book guy', mysterious, good looking and in this book at times a little bit mental.
The pacing of the book was quite good and how it was plotted out however at time I just wanted something a little more exciting to happen to really get me into the story and maybe to uncover a little more.
The cover as well - so pretty : D

Bad Points: Okay there were a couple of things that got me really frustrated with this book. To begin, if I ever hear the word 'special' again I think I'm going to scream. It seemed that this was the answer  to everything at the beginning of the book 'who are you?' - 'I'm special' , 'why can you do this?'- 'I'm Special' AGHHHH! It gets annoying after a while...
Also when I discovered *slight spoiler* that Bishop and Kraven were brothers, I've got to admit it did go straight to my head the whole Vampire Diaries good brother V bad brother thing but it was soon smoothed out so I don't think that can really be called a bad point.

To Sum Up... I liked the book and I thought it was an easy read, it had the beginnings of nearly all the things you would want in a teen paranormal book and I liked the cliffhanger at the end which should be interesting in the next books in the series.
Go read it!!


  1. I am sighing right now. Why does every guy in Paranormal Romance seem to be, as you call it, "the typical book guy"? I want someone like Peeta, or something. You know, nice.

    Anyway, I really liked the review, but the bad points resonated with me so much that I don't think I'm going to pick up this book.

  2. Too bad all the guys can't be like Patch. Le sigh. Good review. I know to skip this one now.

  3. Sounds good. I agree how the overuse of a single word can be so annoying and take away from the book. Great review!

  4. Ahh, I've been debating whether or not to read this! Looks like I probably won't. It does sound a bit bland and predictable. Thanks for the review!


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