Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review of League of Strays by L.B Schulman

League of StraysPages: 288
Publisher: copy courtesy of Harlequin Publishing
Released: October 2012 (This is an ARC review)

Plot: Charlotte is the typical good girl, she practices her Viola everyday and obeys her parents every command however all is about to change when she finds a letter in her locker inviting her to join 'The League Of Strays' a mysterious group of loners that band together and serve out revenge to those that have wronged them. However Charlotte soon becomes uncomfortable by what the League is doing but can Kade, the leader of the league change her mind?

Good Points: I liked most of the other characters in the book and I thought there was a nice blend of personalities in the group. At points I liked some of the pop culture references in the book but to finish I think the ending was a little weak, though it did leave room for another book.
The author was successful however in portraying the creepy socio-path that is Kaden, however in my opinion because I hated him from the start it kind of lost the build up that I think the book needed and I think that's why I just didn't sympathise with Charlottes character.

Bad Points: Okay now some things got me a little annoyed within the book if I must be honest, for example the character of Kade who at the beginning of the book is described by Charlotte as 'Kade really likes to research people' *translate* and alarm bells ringing-- STALKER ALERT! This factor seriously creeped me out and I just could not see where this Charlotte character was coming from, I think that's why I just didn't sympathise with her or relate to her within the book at all.
I thought the beginning of the book could have had a little more about Charlotte's life before the whole joining the League thing because it kind of made me hate her character a little and in my opinion sort of rushed the plot too much.
Also there are some questionable expletives here so as I have already seen many may take offence to parts of the book.

To Sum Up... Now I know this book has had quite a lot of hate from people who vowed never to finish the book, but I decided to read it anyhow because I think everyone should read the book for themselves before heading off making decisions. Yes at times in the book I think the author went a little too far but couldn't it be argued that so did Suzanne Collins when she was killing all of those kids in the Hunger Games?
The book was okay overall in my opinion, I didn't especially love it as I thought the ending was a little 'meh' but it was an okay read , ignoring parts to the dialogue that I really don't think a teenager would ever say.
Try it for yourself though, the book is out October 1st.


  1. I've seen this on NetGalley but haven't seen any reviews yet - it's nice to know what you thought of it. I think I'll check out some other reviews now, too :)

    Like your review set-up, too.

  2. Thanks for the honest review! I like that you decided to read it all the way through, even though you heard bad things about it. That's what makes a good reviewer!
    SIK Book Reviews


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