Saturday, 30 June 2012

Review of Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Pages: 371
Publisher: St.Martins Press
Released: August 2012 (This was an ARC copy)

Plot: In the community everyone has been chipped to remove the emotions that have destroyed how the world used to be. The Link network controls the population, however there are a few that 'glitch' and Zoe soon realises she is one. However Zoe discovers her 'glitching' has caused her to adapt the power of telekinesis. As Zoe learns more about her powers she meets others who like her have developed certain skills such as Max and Adrien who both grow fond of Zoe. Can Zoe keep her secret from the community though or will it lead to her deactivation and ending.

Good Points:  I liked the use of terminology in the book it really added to the effect of the story and helped allow you to build a better picture of the world Zoe is in.
I thought there were some scenes that had really good description such as the train scene, scenes like this brought the book to life a little and saved it from the first half of the book which I found hard to get into.
The book definitely slowly got better however characters such as Max just annoyed me. Certain elements of the book  though were great like the whole world that the author has created and the overall idea to the plot. The author has in my opinion allowed some  potential spoilers for the future books in this trilogy to be suggested in Glitch and therefore I will definitely check out the next in the series just to see how the story plays out overall.
Also the's just perfect to the futuristic story.

Bad Points: I really hated the replacement 'curse words' that were used throughout the book such as 'Shunt', 'Godlam'd' and 'Cracking hell' (I know right!!!???!!!). These made-up curses really annoyed me throughout the book, okay yes I understand that it is a YA book and aimed at younger readers but either put them in or just leave them out completely because these made up versions just felt cheesy and irritating to read, even more so by they being added multiple times on some pages! I mean if the author decided to include the line 'Can I look at your genitalia?' then I think a curse word would have been okay too. Also how did Max discover his power if he always see's himself as himself despite projecting?? Slightly confused there...
Everything in the book I thought went a little to quick, the girl basically just ran off with this guy, not even thinking for a second about the family she may be leaving behind and then basically falling in love with a guy after how many hours !?! It was all very Romeo and Juliet.

To Sum Up... Basically I wasn't really that keen on this book, it took me ages to actually get into it mainly due to the plot being paced way too quickly and the reader in my opinion not fully getting a good understanding of the character before all the events take place. I also thought that the constant use of made up curse words pulled me away from the story and just did not work well at all, like I said before, either use them properly but at a minimum or just don't include them at all. Also, another love triangle...really?
If you haven't read any Dystopian fiction before you probably are going to love this book however as someone who has read a  lot of Dystopian books this sadly isn't one of the best one's that I have read though it did get better, so definitely try it out, you never know you might just love it :)


  1. Hey Amy! I love how you do your reviews with the "good points"/ "bad points" sections. Just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you for the Liebster Award! Be sure to check it out!

    Books Worth Cheering For

  2. I agree with the replacement of cursing words. Either they're there, or just don't put cursings at all.

    Leigh | Little Book Star

  3. Thanks for your review! I didn't read this one yet (even though I LOVE sci-fi dystopians) because of the mixed reviews I've been seeing. But I'm planning to check it out soon because of your review. I love good world-building!

  4. I had read all of the reviews before I started reading the book, so I didn't know how I would feel about the book while I was reading it, but I absolutely LOVED this book! The story line was fantastic, and I had developed different characters voices as I read, and It was almost like a movie as I was reading it. This book was awesome and I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Pretties. If you liked these series, you'll Love this book!


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