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Review of River Cast (Tale of Lunarmorte #2) by Samantha Young

Pages: 269
River Cast (The Tale of Lunarmorte #2)Publisher: Amazon Kindle (self published)
Released: October 2011

Plot: As Caia is taken to the Centre, she starts to uncover more of her magic and her touch to the Midnights starts to show her that a lot of them don't even like the war and are in fact good. With the Daylights determined to end the war by using Caia to wipe out the Midnights can Caia make the choice between Midnights and Daylights and do the right thing, whatever that is...

Good Points: I loved this book! Samantha Young is fast becoming one of my all time favourite authors and I'm only on her third book. The story is rich in depth and the characters are those to which you can either relate with immediately or reason out their decisions. In this book, the second in the Tale of Lunarmorte series we get to see a lot more of Jaiden's perspective after learning of her telekinetic abilities in the first book, there is also the whole relationship with her and Ryder which is extremely funny because of the ongoing banter between the two.
Alike, the relationship with Caia and Lucien is also developed and you grow infuriated at their stupid blindness of not seeing that they like each other. Meanwhile the war is ongoing, there was a little less action in this book than the first in my opinion but I didn't really care about that (don't get me wrong I love a good fight in a book) but you concentrate on other things such as the Centre where you meet Marita (basically like the leader of the 'good' guys) and the whole maybe evil plotting that she's been up to.

Bad Points: Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved this book but a couple of times I did think it was an  insie-bit same-y as the first book with the whole two 'bad' people convening secretly and wondering who could be the spy in the book (which when you find out was a little predictable) but hey this didn't concentrate the topic of the whole book and there were tons of other exciting stuff going on that kept me reading constantly and ending up finishing the book within hours.

To Sum Up... This author is just Brilliant (capital 'B' for effect)! Her plotting of the story is just perfect and you never seem to get bored at all, there is always something happening that keeps you on edge, but it's not cataclysmic stuff that makes you think 'seriously,where the hell is this book going?' that some books do. The characters are believable and their actions and the relationships formed throughout the book build up, basically they don't just immediately meet and then two days later declare their undying love to each other which is what I really hate in books.
Samantha Young I solute you!

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